Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday Baking Begins!

I have started thinking about what to bake for family and friends for this Christmas...
Last a week, I baked couple of kinds of cookies...

Peanut butter Kiss Cookies... The new recipe really works... rich peanut butter is comparable to Hersey's Kiss perfectly ;)

Made this Cranberry Orange Cookie for very first time, and it's becoming my favorite!
I realized that fresh cranberries and/or Oranges give some nice bitterness and tartness to cookies... make them taste a little more sophisticated in a way, instead of just cute and sweet.    
It needs some adjustment and experiments, but has a high potential :)

Scarfs for kids

I totally forgot that I made this before. I remember how much fun I had making this!

This scarf was for my niece for her birthday this past year, and the theme is Sky. I actually had some ideas of other themes, like Animal, sea, and such.
I would be fun to make something like this bunch more!