Saturday, December 24, 2011

Ho Ho Ho!

Happy Holidays!

Season Greetings and Best Wishes for the New Year!!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

I.O.U at Figueroa Produce Market

My work, I.O.U. has been exhibited at Figueroa Produce Market in LA.
Curated by The Craft and Folk Art Museum, Folk Art Everywhere!

I.O.U by Yu Cotton-well, 
handmade stuffed animals with diagrams in the handmade boxes with silkscreen, 2011

This will be there until mid-April.

Yu Cotton-well

Kyou-Ten at Mecado La Paloma.

My art work, Kyou-Ten has been installed at Mercado La Paloma, Downtown LA!
Curated by The Craft and Folk art Museum, Folk Art Everywhere.

"Kyou-Ten", by Yu Cotton-well, dyed and folded organza silk with ginkgo leaves, 2011

Will be exhibited there until mid-April.

The mercado also has incredible food! My favorites are Peruvian place, Mo-Chica, and Southern Mexican place, Chichen Itza!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Baking for Occasions!

Pumpkin Cakes with Cream Cheese Frosting for Halloween :)

Carrot Cupcakes for Catering for the Lunar Moods Exhibition that I was part of...
Since the theme was the moon, I put star-shaped sprinkles on top.

White Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies! Those were mailed to my lovely family in Japan with holiday gift.

My signature Flan... I baked for a pot luck party for Weaving class that I've been taking :)

Fun Fun Fun!!!

How I have been...

Regardless of my excuses, it's been such a looong time since the last post...
Anyways, I've been doing well :)

This past summer, I performed Thai Dance for several shows for Lan Sattha Company, and also had a art exhibition which was curated by Create : Fixate.

Lan Sattha Girls at Renaissance Pleasure Faire...

with my babies at Create : Fixate Exhibition...

In Fall, I had two exhibitions... first one was Sacred Memories Exhibition: Celebration of Day of the Dead, happened at Historical Pico Art Gallery in Downtown LA. Five of my art works were selected including the performance installation, Enmeshed :)

The second one was Lunar Moods: Stories & Myths about the Moon exhibition at Ave50 Studio, Highland Park. 

More post will be up shortly :)

Yu Cotton-well