Monday, March 5, 2012

"Lost But Profound" Exhibition

I am a part of this exhibition, "Los But Profound" exhibition at PS Zask Gallery. The opening reception was placed last Saturday, and the exhibition will be exhibited until April 8th, Sun.

The plant dress, "Yesterday on the Back, Sprout through the Chest" and my newest work, "I almost could reach you" are exhibited, and I had so many great feedback from audiences.

All the art works are created by the artists who work with found objects.
I was amazed how the artists applied all sorts of found objects to create such incredible works of art!
I strongly recommend you to visit the gallery if you happen to be in the area. PS Zask is a beautiful space to appreciate arts.

Yu Cotton-well


  1. I loved your work, but was sorry I didn't meet you, as I was also in the show."Reach You" was just brilliant! Geoffrey

  2. Thank you, Geoffrey! I was just at the gallery yesterday, and Peggy was saying there will probably be artist talk on the closing day... Hope we will meet in person, then!